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History of our company:

  • 1991 Establishing an individual proprietorship. At the beginning the main activity was moving furniture.
  • 1995 The activity continued as a family business.
  • 1999 Szaki Trans Kft was founded by Zoltán Szakács and Sándor Szakács owners. The domestic traffic started with 4 small trucks.
  • 2001 Our company increasingly making progress by the purchase of the first 40T tractor trailer.
  • 2003 We started our international traffic and export-import transport.
  • 2009 We expanded our fleet with cooler trailers.
  • 2011 We bought our first mega trailer.
  • 2014 We introduced the Certified Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008).
  • 2016 Our company s fleet has become complete with the purchasing of new Berger trailers which have 26 tons maximum loading capacity and our company expanded with a new location in spanish Castellon.
  • The Szaki Trans Kft. has currently 80 employees and 20 small trucks as well as 40 trucks are available to our customers!


Our services:

  • Domestic transport
  • International transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Transport with megatrailer
  • Moving services
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